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Guitar Song List
Key: New Song
Artist Title BPM Difficulties
12Moments Goodbye 157ENHC
Alice Can't You See Easy 140ENH
Audition 3 140ENHC
Audition Audition 168ENHC
Audition Bang! 200ENHC
Audition Be Together in Your World 120ENH
Audition Better 165ENHC
Audition Come On! 150ENHC
Audition Dancing Queen 140ENHC
Audition December 100ENH
Audition Father's Hands 124ENH
Audition Fly High 162ENH
Audition Kiss Kiss 125ENH
Audition Let's Dance (feat. Joe Brown) 126ENHC
Audition Love Mode 95ENHC
Audition Maybe (Guitar ver.) 112H
Audition Maybe (Vocal ver.) 112EN
Audition Night Drive 232ENHC
Audition Night Drive (Slow) 116ENHC
Audition Run Again 130ENHC
Audition Strawberry Jam 188ENHC
Audition Sweden 116ENHC
Audition Symphony From The Rock World 152ENHC
Audition Symphony No. 40 (Rock ver.) 170ENHC
Audition Wedding Day 130ENH
Audition With You (Guitar ver.) 150ENHC
Audition You Are the Sunshine of My Life 92ENH
BellaMafia BellaMafia (Band ver.) 132ENH
BellaMafia Get Out of Here 152ENH
Cool Age Cool Guy's Romance 90ENH
Crying Nut Deep at Night [Remaster] 140ENH
Crying Nut Horse Frenzy [Remaster] 150ENH
Day break Bumper Car 150ENHC
Day break Do It! (Duet with MAYA) 125ENH
Day break Good 140ENH
Day break Honey Delivery 112ENHC
Go Go Boys I Like You 110ENH
Go Go Boys Stand Up! 96ENH
Ja Woo Rim 20th Century Boy and Girl 140ENH
JeJe Transformation 130ENH
Lee Jihyung Metal Fork Junior's Summer 92ENH
MixMatch Move It 164ENH
MixMatch Sweetday 115ENH
Monni Shower 140ENH
NaRu Mr. Right 134ENH
No Brain Pang! Pang! Pang! 160ENHC
No Brain You've Fallen For Me 152ENHC
Rb. Duke Rhythm 116ENH
Spicy Soda My Love 160ENHC
Super Kidd Music Show 130ENH
Super Kidd RockStar 130ENH
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