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VIP Drawing
How to Enter the Drawing
  1. Earn an entry.
    • The first way to earn an entry is to earn VIP status.
    • If you log in every day in a week (Monday to Sunday), you will earn VIP status.
    • Each time you get VIP status in a month, you will be entered that many times for the drawing at the end of that month.
    • Another way to earn entries is from the Audifan Happy Box. You must already have an entry from getting VIP status before you can win an entry from the Happy Box.
  2. Enter your in-game name on this page
    • You can only win if you enter your Audition in-game name on this page.
  3. The winner is chosen!
    • On the Friday after the last Sunday of the month, a winner will be randomly chosen!
    • The winner will receive a prize of their choice, as listed below.
    • You must claim your prize from the Prize Vouchers section of the My Stuff page within 2 weeks of winning or your prize voucher will disappear.
    • The prize will be sent to your Gift Box in the Audition Fashion Mall (the sender will be either Audifan or tr848).
  4. Additional Information
    • Once you choose your prize, you will not be able to change it.
    • The prize will be sent as soon as possible after you choose it. It will be sent to the IGN that you entered the drawing with.
    • The prize will expire from your Audition Gift Box 90 days after we send it.
Prize Pool
  • Any cash Face item (30 days) that has a 7 day price of 900 Cash or less
  • Any cash Shoes item (30 days) that has a 7 day price of 900 Cash or less
  • Any cash Accessory item (7 days) that has a price of 1,800 cash or less
  • Three (3) x2 EXP Cards (20 rounds each)
  • Three (3) BEATS 2x Cards (20 rounds each)
  • One (1) 3X EXP Card (20 rounds)
  • One (1) 3X BEATS Card (20 rounds)
  • Two (2) 2X COUPLE POINT Items (10 rounds each)
  • Event Room Pass (7 days)
  • Premium Diary (30 days)
  • Crystal Star Style Finish (7 days)
  • Fantasia Finish (7 days)
  • Twinkling Finish (7 days)
  • Premium Messenger (30 days)
  • Premium Messenger Plus (30 days)
  • Happy Audition 2016 Room Background (30 days)
  • Cool Summer Room Background (30 days)
  • Music holic Room Background (30 days)
13 days and 19 hours
Until The Next Drawing
Enter Here!
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Current Chances of Winning
Number of Entries Chance of Winning
1 10%
2 20%
3 30%
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