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Ardu's Profile Picture
Invisible Offline. Joined on August 12, 2015.
VIP Rank: 663 QP: 14 / Rank: 81
My Couples
Ardu Lv. 35 Aise
SleepyKai Lv. 33 Blushes
Quest Stats
Total Quest Points
Total Completed Points
Easy 3 6
Medium 2 8
Hard 0 0
Insane 0 0
Group 0 0
Battle 0 0
Overall 81
Overall w/o Insane 80
Individual Only 78
Normal Modes 70
Beat Up 39
One Two Party ??
Beat Rush 39
Guitar Mode ??
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About Me
Skype: Kaij.xunyo " />
My Characters
Lv. 38 Level Title
N: 97% B: 27% R: 94% O: 55% H: 15%
Lv. 21 Level Title
N: 61% B: 5% R: 33% H: 2%
Favorite Songs
Audition Bang!
Audition Strawberry Jam
Audition Symphony No. 40 (Rock ver.)
Diplo Barely Standing
Diplo You Make Me
Flux Bada Bing
Galantis Smile
Gorillaz Feel Good Inc
Japan Audition Shapeshifter
Mr. Ozwald Synthesize
No Brain Pang! Pang! Pang!
Spicy Soda My Love
Spoony Shake It
Steve Aoki Cudi the Kid
Steve Aoki Delirious
The Chainsmokers Thunderclap
The Chainsmokers Wonder
The Frail Firefly
Vesbazz Euro!massive (Audition mix)
Yellow Claw DJ Turn It Up
Zeds Dead Coffee Break
Zomboy Bad Intentions
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