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  3. Please do not share information on hacks. Audifan is strictly against the use of hacks and other exploits.
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  5. If we determine that you are not following the terms of use, attempting to hack or abuse our site, or purposely exploiting a known issue without reporting it to us, we may ban your account. Repeated account bans and serious offenses will result in an IP ban. Offenses that cause a violation with our service providers or sponsors may result in legal action by the respective parties.
  6. These terms of use may be changed at any time and without notice to you.
Privacy Policy
  1. Your password will be encrypted before it is stored with us. Nobody will be able to see your actual password at any time. This includes site administrators.
  2. Your information will never be sold to another party.
  3. We will NEVER send you an email without your permission.
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  5. As you use the site, Audifan and any of its service providers may record information such as your IP address, your general browser information, and your general computer information. This information will only be used for statistical and security purposes in order to provide a better service to you.
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    • Our "Log In with Facebook" feature is in compliance with the Facebook Platform Policies.
    • We will only use your Facebook ID and name if you connect your Facebook account to your Audifan account. If you choose to disconnect, all data that was used to facilitate connectivity will be deleted.
    • We will NEVER post to your Facebook account without your permission.
  1. Audifan uses a modified Twig engine. We highly recommend it!
  2. Audifan uses some images from the famfamfam collection.
All information and features on Audifan.net are based on Audition Online Dance Battle with publisher Redbana US Corp (also known as "AAU").
Audifan.net is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Redbana US Corp.
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