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Quests: Submit a Screenshot
Screenshot Requirements
Please read these carefully.
  1. You must submit a screenshot of the final scoreboard at the end of the game. Quests must be completed in Redbana Audition.
  2. You must use the /time command to display the time in chat in the screenshot. The screenshot must be taken within the current submission period.
  3. The screenshot you submit must be a screenshot taken by pressing the Print Screen (PrtScn) button and saved to your Audition "screenshot" folder. It may not be taken with any other program such as Fraps or saved by pasting into Photoshop, Paint, etc.
  4. The screenshot cannot be edited in any way. It must be the same exact file that was saved to your screenshot folder. You will be permanently banned from Audifan if you try to cheat.
Please log in to submit a screenshot.
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