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Quests: Archive
Each quest archive is an automatically generated ZIP file with all screenshots submitted in the respective month.
They are available if you would like to review how we graded submissions.

If you think a screenshot was incorrectly rejected or accepted, please contact us with the week in which the screenshot was submitted, nickname of the person who submitted, and the quest difficulty.

Due to an issue with ImageShack, the August 2015 and September 2015 archives do not contain all screenshots from those months.
Month & Year Archive File
September 2014 2014-9.zip
October 2014 2014-10.zip
November 2014 2014-11.zip
December 2014 2014-12.zip
January 2015 2015-1.zip
February 2015 2015-2.zip
March 2015 2015-3.zip
April 2015 2015-4.zip
May 2015 2015-5.zip
June 2015 2015-6.zip
July 2015 2015-7.zip
August 2015
September 2015
October 2015 2015-10.zip
November 2015 2015-11.zip
December 2015 2015-12.zip
January 2016 2016-1.zip
February 2016 2016-2.zip
March 2016 2016-3.zip
April 2016 2016-4.zip
May 2016 2016-5.zip
June 2016 2016-6.zip
July 2016 2016-7.zip
August 2016 2016-8.zip
September 2016 2016-9.zip
October 2016 2016-8.zip
November 2016 2016-8.zip
December 2016 2016-8.zip
January 2017 2017-1.zip
February 2017 2017-2.zip
March 2017 2017-3.zip
April 2017 2017-4.zip
May 2017 2017-5.zip
June 2017 2017-6.zip
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