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This Week's Quests
June 26, 2017 ~ July 2, 2017
Quest submissions are due on Sunday by 11:50pm, Audition time.
New quests are randomly selected on Sunday at 11:59pm, Audition time.
BEFORE ATTEMPTING A QUEST, be sure to read the screenshot requirements.
Individual Quests
Individual quests can be completed by yourself.
They award medals based on how many you complete.
Only points from Individual Quests count toward mode rankings.
While playing alone, get at least 118,317 points in Guitar Mode with any song.
Worth 2 points
Get at least 178 Perfects with no more than 2 players in the room in Space Pang Pang with the song Audition - K.O. (120 bpm).
Worth 4 points
Get at least 1,032,000 points in Perfect Champion - 8 Key with the song MJ&iRoK - Rock This Place (128 bpm).
Worth 8 points
Finish a game with a combo of exactly 486 (as displayed on the scoreboard) in Beat Rush Hard - 8 Keys with the song Audition - Go Go (150 bpm).
Worth 12 points
You will have to play with at least one other
person in order to complete the group quest.
Finish a game of Night Dance - 4 Keys (2 vs 2) with any song where the Red team's score is at least 166,000 points greater than the Blue team's score.
Worth 10 points
The battle quest awards points based on how well you meet the objective compared to all others who participate.
Get as many points as you can in Guitar Mode with the song Day break - Do It! (Duet with MAYA) (125 bpm) [Lv. 2 Normal].
Currently worth at least 6 points
(increases as more people participate)
Current Medalists
Completed One Individual Quest
Completed Two Individual Quests
Completed Three Individual Quests
Completed All Four Individual Quests (ACE)
Top 10 Overall
Rank Name Total QP
1 Leebyn 4,226
2 Waiwai 2,168
3 Carma 812
4 Chillin 782
5 Shea 347
6 lrazz 330
7 Rawd 313
8 Seidi 282
9 Ven 267
10 Monoxi 193
Last Week's Battle Quest Ranking
Get as many points as you can in One Two Party - Hard with the song DAENGZA - FILM (143 bpm) [Lv. 4].
Rank Name Score Achieved QP Earned
1 Leebyn 741,120 9
2 Mon 248,760 6
3 Waiwai 235,380 6
4 Chillin 230,226 6
Required Score for Each QP Amount
QP Earned Required Score
6 230,226 ~ 400,524
7 400,525 ~ 570,821
8 570,822 ~ 741,119
9 741,120
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