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July 08, 2015 Patch
  1. Couple Garden 3rd Expansion
    • Add more space for flowers and accessories with a 3rd expansion for your couple garden.
    • The 1st and 2nd expansions must be purchased before the 3rd can be purchased from the Items tab of the Couple Garden Market.
    • The third expansion adds 14 blocks to each side of your garden, making the total number of blocks 180. The blocks outlined in red are added with the 3rd expansion:
  2. Couple Garden One Touch Magic Wand
    • The one touch magic wand is a new item available for your couple garden that will automatically water, dust, or fertilize all of your flowers for you.
    • After you purchase the wand, an On/Off toggle button appears underneath the water, dust, and fertilize actions.

      Click the water, dust, or fertilize buttons while they are "On" to automatically complete that action on all of your plants.
  3. Fashion Mall Summer Cash Sales
    • All hairs, faces, shoes, and emoticons are 10% off.
    • All DJ booths, platforms, guitars, and usable items in the Items tab are 20% off.
    • All tops, bottoms, and accessories are 30% off.
    • All sets and pets are 50% off.
    • Sale ends August 5.
  4. 173 new items have been given the indefinite purchase option. They are marked as "New!!" at the mall.
    • ---FEMALE---
      Bewitching-eye girl face
      Dark circle face
      Devil Earts Face
      FlashyEyes Surprise
      growling face
      Happy, Happy Joy
      I don't believe you!
      Innocent Cute Face
      Oops! Face Girl
      pooh-pooh' face
      Shock and Awe
      Um, Yea...

      Benign Beauty Low Ponytail
      Black Fly Girl Hat
      Cute Bandana girl
      Diva 03 Style
      Feathered Lady's Hair
      Flaming Red Pigtails
      FullBrown Side Ponytail
      Gothic Blonde Girl
      HappyBirthday couple style
      Lacy Blue Style 3
      Luxury Black Hat
      Miniature Hair-Bow
      NY Striped Snap-Back
      pink lady hair w/ bows
      PinkRibbon BlondeHair
      Platinum White Tint
      PolkaPassion Oversized Bow
      purple beanie horn-rimmed glasses
      Queen Me
      Rad Carrot Orange Ponytail
      Red Pin Hair
      Red Schoolgirl Style
      Reliably Bold Loose Curls
      Romantically Softened Curls
      TenderText Loose Curls
      Video Diva Braids
      Wavy Ebony Locks

      2014 Redbana-Audition Hoody
      Asymmetrical Sleeved Blouse
      Baby blue stripe t-shirt
      Babygirl T
      Baker-Miller Pink Jacket
      Black Bangles Top
      Bloom Front Top
      Checkered Red Tanktop
      Christmas New Year T-shirt
      Christmas T-shirt
      DandyGrace Jacket
      Darling Daisy Sweater
      Eugenia style top
      Fancy Black Couple Style
      Fancy T-Shirt
      Fire Diva Top
      Gothic Black Jacket
      Hawaiian LeiLove Bikini
      Japanese Schoolgirl Top
      Lavender Pink Bath Gown
      Loving Gnomes Striped Blouse
      N.Y.City DeepBlue
      Pearl-Pink Ruffled Collar Blouse
      Pink Schoolgirl Top
      PolkaPartiality Pocket Tank
      PolkaPassion Bikini Tee
      Punk Top
      purple rabbit tshirt
      RedTie Sleeveless
      Rudolph Girl Top
      Shiny Black Top
      Sleepy Kitten Striped Knit
      Spring Blue lacy shirt
      StarLand Smiley couple style
      Striped Sentiment Red Polo
      Sublime Bikini Top
      TiedBlouse with Blazer
      Training look couple style
      Trendy Blouse
      Vogue Style Top
      Wedding Top
      With All My Heart (F)
      With Love Baby Tee
      Yearned Embrace Sweatshirt

      Black Attack Bottoms
      Black Legg. Mini skirt
      Black shorts w/ long socks
      Centralized Buttons Denim Skirt
      Denim shorts w/ knee socks
      Embroidered Hem Denim Skirt
      Holler Denim Shorts
      Muse Style Bottom
      Picnic Checkered Red Shorts
      Pinky Sweat Suit
      purple vintage shorts
      Reliably Bold Striped Pants
      Silver Bunny Bottoms
      TYoung-1 Style
      White Sport Shorts

      BeautySun-1 style
      belted fashion black boots
      Black fishnet boots
      Blue Danseuse Cap-Toe Oxfords
      Buckled Brink-Pink HighTops
      Classy black-heel boots
      Courted Aristocrat Boots
      Cute girl style flower shoes
      Cute Jewel Flip-flops
      Girly Black Boots
      Golden Buckled Black Boots
      Hearts White Shoes
      Pansy Ankle Boots
      Pink strap flats
      pinkyrace-1 style
      PlaidVest couple style
      Pleasant Crimson Sandals
      PolkaPartiality Dolphin Sandals
      Prime Vintage Shoes
      RedBow Leopard Pumps
      Studded Ecru Strap Heels

      Baby Couple Style
      burgundy bow pink dress
      Feathery Peacck Dress
      Ivory rose white dress
      Queen of Dance Set
      Thai Traditional Northset
      Weeping Willow Dress

      Unique YellowBouquet

      Devil Ears Face
      growling face
      I don't believe you!
      Menace face
      passionate face
      Pirate Boy face
      pooh-pooh' face
      Shock and Awe
      shy face
      Um, Yea...

      Black Fedora Wild Perm
      Blond & pink dyed hair
      Blue Spring Style
      Fleet Line Short Cut
      Lead Guitarist
      Permed Asymmetric Fringe Cut
      Tilted Beret

      babyblue shirt
      Black Devil Top
      Bold Rosso Corsa Scarf
      Casanova Jacket
      Classic Rose Top
      Dandy Rick Jacket
      DeepBlue jacket w/ warm scarf
      Distinguished Argyle Checkered Jumper
      FallClassic Den. Jacket
      FlamingRed Couple Set
      Loving Gnomes Striped Blouse
      Rad Beast Shoulder Blade
      Red checkered winter jacket
      Royal Prince Top

      Bright Sunrise Pattern Belt
      Casanova Pants
      Clown Pink Shorts
      Hunter Ken Style
      Reticent Rocker Studded Jeans
      Reticent Rocker Studded Jeans
      Rocking Spirit Skull Pants

      stylish walking shoes
      Triple Chain Shoes
      Vintage Classic Shoes

      Black Wing Dress

      Unique YellowBouquet
  5. 112 New Fashion Mall Items
    • 62 new female's items including 17 hairs, 11 tops, 10 bottoms, 15 shoes, and 9 sets.
    • 47 new men's items including 11 hairs, 12 tops, 11 bottoms, 10 shoes, and 3 sets.
    • 1 new DJ booth.
    • 1 new accessory.
    • 1 new guitar.
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