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September 04, 2013 Patch
Version: 10176/10177
Manual Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ocn8layecsb527x/Audition10175to10177.exe
  1. Couple Garden Puzzle
    • Each time you harvest a Step 5 flower, there is a chance that you will receive a piece to a puzzle.
    • You can view your puzzle boxes by clicking the Puzzle Room button next to the Secret Garden button.
      • Couples will receive one puzzle box automatically.
      • You can purchase up to two additional puzzle boxes from the Garden Market. The more puzzle boxes you have, the higher the probability of obtaining a puzzle piece.
      • Click on a puzzle box to see how you're doing on the current puzzle.
      • If you do not like the puzzle you currently have, you can change it for 5,000 Beats. From 10pm to 11pm server time, you can change the puzzle for 50% off.
    • Each time you complete a puzzle, you will receive a prize. The prize you get is based on the size of the puzzle you complete. Prizes could be rare couple garden accessories or rare couple rings.
  2. 111 New Mall Items
    • 61 new women's items including 3 faces, 15 hairs, 13 tops, 13 bottoms, 15 shoes, and 2 sets.
    • 44 new men's items including 3 faces, 10 hairs, 10 tops, 10 bottoms, and 11 shoes.
    • 1 new DJ booth.
    • 4 new accessories.
    • 1 new guitar.
  3. 6 New Couple Shop Items
    • 2 new accessories.
    • 2 new rings.
    • 2 new licenses.
  4. 18 New Couple Garden Items
    • 2 new seeds.
    • 15 new accessories.
    • 1 new item.
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