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April 24, 2013 Patch
Version: 10157/10158/10159
  1. Story Mode Episode 1 Reset Item
    • With this item, you can reset all of your stories in Episode 1.
    • All stories will lock again, as if you've never done story mode before, so you can complete them again.
    • The EXP/Beat amounts earned for stories also resets. Your cumulative story completion amount (i.e. the amount shown in the Story Ranking) will not reset.
    • You will retain the highest E1 story medal you've already earned.
    • Must be at least Level 6 to purchase the item.
    • Can be purchased from the mall under the Items tab for 4,000 Bana Cash.
  2. Sell Multiple Beats Items
    • In the My Items section of the mall, you can now click the button at the top to sell multiple Beats items at once.
    • Sell up to 10 Beats items at once.
  3. 113 New Mall Items
    • 67 new women's items including 3 faces, 17 hairs, 12 tops, 12 bottoms, 18 shoes, and 5 sets.
    • 39 new men's items including 3 faces, 9 hairs, 8 tops, 9 bottoms, 9 shoes, and 1 set.
    • 1 new item.
    • 1 new DJ booth.
    • 1 new platform.
    • 4 new accessories.
  4. 4 New Couple Shop Items
    • 2 new rings.
    • 2 new couple licenses.
  5. 8 New Couple Garden Items
    • 4 new seeds.
    • 4 new accessories.
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