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September 08, 2011 Patch
Version: 10081
  1. Couple Shop
    • The Couple Shop is a new mall devoted entirely to items for you and your couple.
    • Access the Couple Shop by going to the regular mall and clicking Couple Shop. You and your couple must go to the couple shop together. You cannot enter by yourself.
    • The Couple Shop includes:
      • Matching fashion items
      • Rings
      • Customizable couple licenses
      • Customizable room settings
      • Couple exclusive pets
  2. PR Board
    • Similar to megaphone, the PR Board will broadcast a message either 10 or 50 times on the User List in the lobby.
  3. 5 New Songs
    • Amigaman - Head High (88 bpm)
    • Candy Rose - You Are Everything (90 bpm)
    • DJ Regal - Fresh (128 bpm)
    • Sackcloth Fashion - Summin of Angels (116 bpm)
    • Vytaan - Piano Heaven (90 bpm)
  4. 3 New Guitar Songs
    • Crying Nut - Horse Frenzy [Remaster] (150 bpm) [Easy, Normal, Hard]
    • Super Kidd - Dance Joyfully (116 bpm) [Easy, Normal, Hard]
    • Ja Woo Rim - 20th Century Boy and Girl (140 bpm) [Easy, Normal, Hard]
  5. 110 New Items
    • Photo Sticker - solo and couple
      • The Photo Sticker item allows you to take a photo of your character, or you and your couple, in various poses.
      • To use it, purchase either the solo or couple version, and click the use button in My Items.
      • Enter a title and description for your picture, and you will be shown a preview. Underneath the camera is a list of 5 poses that can be used. Once your character gets into position, press "Click" on the camera to take the picture.
      • Pictures will be saved to your Screenshot folder.
    • 32 Men's Items
    • 66 Women's Items
    • 4 motions
    • 6 faces (3 male, 3 female)
  6. 45 New Couple Items
    • 31 new fashion items
    • 4 new rings
    • 5 new couple licenses
    • 3 rooms
    • 2 pets
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