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April 07, 2011 Patch
Version: 10060
  1. Space Pang Pang
    • Press the spacebar when notes reach the judgment area. Only the space bar is needed to play.
    • Bonus combo points are awarded after every 20 combos.
    • If you reach a combo of 100, you can activate chance by using the delete key. Bonus points are awarded if you get 6 consecutive perfects while chance is active. Once you get anything lower than a perfect, chance is deactivated and your combo returns to 0.
    • You can get a constant bonus by activating Enter chance (similar to Beat Up mode). By pressing the numpad Enter key, you will shorten the amount of time given to view upcoming notes.
    • You can also select between two different sounds heard while hitting notes during gameplay.
  2. Couple Ring Box
    • You and your couple can switch between any ring that you've already earned.
    • Change your ring by clicking on your current ring in "My Info" on the right-hand side of the lobby.
    • Your couple must also be in the lobby to accept the change.
  3. New Songs
    • Audition - Love Song (95 bpm)
    • Liane V. - Bring It Back (104 bpm)
    • Audition - Together Forever (115 bpm)
    • Audition - Dance With Me (117 bpm)
    • Radio Freq - I'm Alive (117 bpm)
    • Audition - My Heart Is Beating (124 bpm)
    • Audition - How to Say (130 bpm)
    • Audition - Come On! (150 bpm)
    • Shapes of Race Cars - World's End (160 bpm)
    • Audition - Audition (168 bpm)
  4. 100 New Items
    • 36 Men's Items
    • 54 Women's Items
    • 3 Faces
    • 4 Motions
    • Diary - Standard, Premium, and Couple
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