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May 25, 2010 Patch
Version: 10038
  1. License renewal
    • Licenses have been made easier
    • The license interface has been improved
  2. Super DJ
    • DJs can now invite 5 people from the lobby at a time
    • DJs can now change a room's name and password settings
    • DJs can now use a "shout" feature that broadcasts any important messages in the room
    • Each room's right-click information from the lobby now shows a picture of the room's DJ
  3. New Songs
    • Audition - X Girlfriend (128 bpm)
    • Audition - Eye For An Eye (96 bpm)
    • Audition - K. O. (120 bpm)
    • Audition - I'll Pretend I Don't Know (148 bpm)
  4. New Items
    • 50 female clothing items
    • 29 male clothing items
    • 3 faces
    • Accessories
    • Some items have been given the indefinite purchase option
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