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One Two Party Song List
Key: New Song
Artist Title BPM Level Length
12Moments WayBack 15143:56
2XL Magic City 8123:56
Addis aka Raptile Disco (feat. FYI) 13043:32
Aileen Xu Magnetic 9223:42
Akay47 Comfortable (feat. Travis Lee & Tattz) 10523:37
Allan Cutler Be The One 13423:40
Allan Cutler Love On The Dance Floor 13043:36
Allan Cutler My Girl (Dance Remix) 12833:47
Allan Cutler What If 9233:33
Allan Cutler When You Dance 13523:31
Alyshen The One M12522:59
Amigaman Head High 8833:57
Amigaman Honey 10634:30
Amigaman So Much More M12933:36
Amo Amelia 11424:00
Amo Borderline 9223:41
Amo Fade Out 13843:18
Amo Playtoy 12833:14
Amo The Alibi 13233:53
Analogue Revolution Go Crazy (feat. Bryan Steele) M12834:08
Analogue Revolution Lights Camera Action 12933:30
Analogue Revolution Style (feat. Marissa Beatini) 12733:25
Andrew Wyatt Push 12834:31
ANDROMEDA All Or Nothing 11633:59
ANDROMEDA Leave The Light On 12643:40
Audien feat. Michael S. Leaving You 12833:31
Audition AEIAOE 13033:11
Audition Baby Baby Baby 12833:30
Audition Be The Wind 13033:16
Audition Beat City 12014:06
Audition Beforehand 10633:04
Audition Can Can 15043:52
Audition Can't Let You Go 14544:40
Audition Canon Groove 10524:06
Audition Cheer Up!! 10333:24
Audition Chinese Lady 11843:43
Audition Cutie 14033:08
Audition Dance Dance 13233:45
Audition Dance Flower 13044:04
Audition Dance With Me 11723:08
Audition Destiny 13233:40
Audition Digital Soul 10223:20
Audition Don't Cry, My Heart 14033:36
Audition Don't Fool Around M13833:20
Audition Doo Doop 14033:45
Audition Driving At Night 14055:18
Audition Euro 2005 13843:15
Audition Everyday 17543:35
Audition Funky Town 13033:03
Audition Go Go 15053:47
Audition Goodbye 15743:27
Audition Hands Up!!! 13553:36
Audition I Know 9523:22
Audition I Will Be Very Good To You 14043:31
Audition I'll Pretend I Don't Know 14843:29
Audition In the Groove 13043:45
Audition Keep Remember 12023:14
Audition Love Song M9523:18
Audition Magic World 18552:54
Audition Mr. Detective 12833:17
Audition Mr. No. 1 Guide 12823:30
Audition My Heart Is Beating 12423:23
Audition Night 12823:19
Audition No Space M13833:45
Audition Party Party 13055:00
Audition Queen of Dancing 13553:08
Audition Roller Coast 12534:06
Audition Seeing You Again 13033:09
Audition Sorry Sorry 12043:02
Audition Surely 13843:43
Audition Sweetie 11523:00
Audition Thank You 13043:12
Audition Timing M13233:32
Audition To You (2009 mini-album) 13843:40
Audition Together Forever M11533:18
Audition Train Rolling Through The Seas When It Rains (Hard) 16424:01
Audition Under the Sun M12833:10
Audition Ur Ma Angel 13043:23
Audition X Girlfriend 12833:35
Audition Yes, If It's You M13033:14
Audition You M13624:05
Audition You're Already Gone M15043:44
Azealia Banks 212 12633:23
Azealia Banks Chasing Time 12833:31
Azealia Banks Ice Princess 12833:43
Azealia Banks JFK 13034:56
Baauer Infinite Daps 9624:27
Baauer One Touch 9623:31
Basil-X Run to the Finish 16042:23
Becca Are You Ready 14543:55
Becca Dance Floor 12633:37
Ben Saunders Turn Back Time 12824:19
Bexy Don't Bring Me Down 11243:49
Blazed Out Music Top of the World 13033:29
Block B Nillili Mambo 11033:27
Borgore Be Ourselves 12834:22
Borgore Nana 12022:28
Borgore Sail 12834:37
Borgore Wicked Games 14043:55
Braille The IV 9323:19
Brokencyde Let's Dance 12532:36
Brooks&Forte Never Goin' Home 13043:17
Cameron Forbes Frozen 12833:28
Candy Rose Hooked On You 13023:03
Candy Rose It's You That I Love (Club Remix) 13534:04
Candy Rose So You Know (Gandalf the Grey Mix) 13024:06
Candy Rose You Are Everything 9033:02
Canz and Windows Are You Here To Stay 10033:01
Canz and Windows Things Better Left 14542:40
CC Rock and Roll Girl 13643:20
Chantalle Silly Boy 11523:22
Childish Gambino The Crawl 14044:40
Chris De Luca Word Up 12934:51
Chris Morris Can I Have This Dance M11333:40
Chrissy My Slushy 12633:00
Come On, Come On Pop Fiction M15833:50
Coyote Kisses Six Shooter 8123:36
Crystal Castles Baptism 12034:09
DAENGZA Boynation (Original Mix) 12844:50
DAENGZA Pizza (Original Mix) 12445:21
DAENGZA Sorrow Hill (Original Mix) 12844:30
DAENGZA White Bells 12243:41
Dan aka Dan The Sound M8425:00
Daydream Anatomy 31337 8824:27
Daydream Anatomy Dynamism M8523:36
Daydream Anatomy Magic 13833:38
Daydream Anatomy Snow Day 14443:50
Deep Sleep Video Girls 8523:06
Denab Records Feel So Good 13332:50
Denise Lopez Girls & Rock 'n' Roll (feat. Lazee) 12433:00
Deorro If Only 12833:39
Deorro Rambo 12833:58
Deorro Yee 12833:31
Deorro feat. Adrian Delgado All I Need Is Your Love 12823:00
Diplo Barely Standing 12943:52
Diplo Drunk N Luv 14044:44
Diplo Dynamite 15032:36
Diplo Girls Gone Wild 15043:23
Diplo Revolution 12845:09
Diplo Will Calls 15044:06
Diplo You Make Me 14444:02
DiRTY RADiO Found You 8823:32
DiRTY RADiO Ground Shake 13043:42
DiRTY RADiO Ready To Go 9323:35
Divalola Wallflower 12233:27
DJ Pho Christmas Breakz M13243:06
DJ Regal Bass In My Face 14033:43
DJ Regal Fresh 12843:51
DJ Regal Luv Drunk 13033:36
DJ Regal Move Ya Body 12433:21
DJ Regal Pump the Bass M14343:29
DJ Skarlet Lost In The Lights 13033:53
Dj Snake & Aluna George You Know You Like It 9834:03
DJ Soulz feat. DJ Techno Triumph 13943:30
Dream Anatomy Corrupting Tranquility 13843:41
Dream Funker and Steven May Paradise (Radio Edit) 12834:35
Emiley Stans Monster 8023:08
Emiley Stans Monster (Hard) 16043:08
Emiley Stans S.O.S. 12043:43
Emiley Stans Turn me on 12033:23
Eminent Pulse All Night Long - Instrumental 11030:00
Eminent Pulse Dance Floor M13434:01
Eminent Pulse For Love - Instrumental 12440:00
Eminent Pulse Girl Like Me - Instrumental 15240:00
Eminent Pulse Just One Night M13434:07
Eminent Pulse Over The Clouds 10830:00
Eminent Pulse Someone Like You 12840:00
Eminent Pulse Surrender M13023:53
Eminent Pulse Take Me Away 13633:38
Erin Bowman All My Girls 13443:36
Ex Norwegian Something Unreal 12922:17
Exid I Feel Good (R. Tee Remix) 12834:58
Family Force 5 Cray Button 13033:02
Figure This is Halloween 8723:53
Fiona Life Of The Party 14034:06
Flosstradamus Mosh Pit ft. Casino 14043:14
Flux Bada Bing 12834:04
Flux Pavilion Mountains and Molehills (Kill The Noise & Bro Safari Remix 8722:50
For The Year Distance 8824:03
For The Year Here's To You 13044:08
For The Year Last Night 12033:19
For The Year Lost Hearts & White Lies 9023:23
Forged Urban Track 1 13033:32
Fresh Body Shop Burn In The Limousine 13442:59
Fresh Body Shop So Real M15042:47
Fresh Body Shop The Game 16042:37
Galantis Smile 12834:02
Gareth Emery Sanctuary (ft. Lucy Saunders) 13344:18
Glitch Mob Between Two Points (feat. Swan) 12235:18
Gorillaz Feel Good Inc 13943:40
H*Wood Get It 13843:46
i Killed the Symphony My Enemy 14333:26
Ian & The Dream Radio Blastin' 9642:53
J Zohar You 12533:46
James Egbert Latch 14044:14
James Egbert Naughty Boy 12833:59
Japan Audition Calling 8733:51
Japan Audition D4 M15033:41
Japan Audition Stargazer 14034:14
Jay Sean (Without Lil' Wayne) Down 13243:15
Jessie Ware Running 12533:35
JuggaNote The Kid's With Us M10633:14
Juicy J One of Those Nights ft. The Weeknd 13044:13
Jung L Can't Stop 10733:09
Jung L Lucky Star 11833:49
Ka Lide Believe in Love 12834:35
Ka Lide Just A Shadow 14034:02
Kaboose Build It Up M9823:52
Kaboose For You 9323:06
Kaboose Get Up M9533:19
Kaboose Just Rock 9724:01
Kaboose The Difference 9824:14
Kallie We Own The Night 12533:08
Karetus How I Roll (ft. Aaron London) 10324:05
Karetus My Religion 12834:50
Kat Dahlia Gangsta 15044:03
Kate Bradshaw Breathe You In 13044:00
Kavalier Better feat. Elias 12734:25
Kdrew Signals 12533:12
Kelsey Maree It's Love M13343:54
Kelsey Maree La La La M13443:44
KIF Dance the Night Away 12833:36
KIF Piece of My Heart M12833:32
KIF The Darkness 13445:00
Kiwychee Joy to the Audition World M11822:35
Krewella One Minute 14044:08
Krewella Play Hard 12834:25
Kyven All Dressed Up 12533:25
Kyven City Boy (Instrumental) 12523:39
Kyven Dance Forever 12643:35
Kyven Destiny 12943:24
Kyven Here For You (Instrumental) 13233:43
Kyven I Got This 13434:05
Kyven Keep Getting Over You 10833:27
Kyven Laser Light 12843:35
Kyven My Mistress 12433:59
Kyven One More Time 12143:26
Kyven Running Red 12543:28
Kyven Say Oh 12643:31
Kyven Shine 12843:35
Kyven Stand To Lose M13643:49
Kyven Stay 12733:50
Kyven The Hard Part 11033:38
Kyven Two (We'll Be Together) 12643:29
Lana Del Rey Diet Mountain Dew 8823:43
Landis Hypnotica (Original Mix) 13044:17
Laura Roppe Sing A Love Song M8823:05
Lauryn Vyce & Virtuosyk Party-Ception 12833:41
LegNo Flauto Attraverso (Original Mix) 12534:12
Liane V. Bring It Back 10423:00
Liane V. Girl Next Door 16043:29
Liane V. Stupid 12833:48
Lil Bren Get Low M16043:44
Lil Bren My Shoes On M11223:43
M.O.V.E. Saturday Night 12633:23
M.O.V.E. Supernatural 12232:49
M.O.V.E. Tell Me Why M9023:40
Maracalous Party All Night M12744:41
Maria Long Find Me 14933:32
Marilyn Manson Tainted Love 14243:18
Matthew Pablo & Christi Arredondo Crazy In Love 14541:58
Melissa.B Breathe 14044:35
Melissa.B It's Real 9633:11
Melissa.B Love Games 8923:35
Melissa.B Star Light 11832:46
Melissa.B Steal From My Heart (Ft. Gianna Salvato) 8323:22
Melodic In Fusion Let Go 10023:26
Melodic In Fusion This Silence 10623:19
Mighty Mike Hey Beautiful 8023:17
Mixmatch Be my Love 10333:19
Mixmatch Move It 8223:10
MJ&iRok Bang Goes The Drum 16044:01
MJ&iRoK Club 101 12833:52
MJ&iRok Doo Da Do De 8634:12
MJ&iRoK Everybody Dance 12834:54
MJ&iRok Going Crazy M12844:40
MJ&iRok Hands Up M12833:36
MJ&iRoK Heart Beat 12833:54
MJ&iRoK Kick That Bass 12833:48
MJ&iRoK Mega Mix 12834:03
MJ&iRoK Mega Mix 2 12833:39
MJ&iRoK Party All Night M12834:01
MJ&iRoK Point of No Return M14043:38
MJ&iRoK Rock This Place 12843:39
MJ&iRoK The Underground 12634:29
MJ&iRoK Turn It Up 13033:46
MJ&iRoK We Got Swag 8723:38
MJ&iRok Yeah! M12833:54
MJ&iRoK You And Me Forever 12833:52
Mocozi I'm in Love 9323:39
Mocozi Lonely 10033:59
Mocozi Love Song 8723:53
Mocozi Rocket in the Sky 13043:51
Mocozi This is Love (Feat. MAK@AshGrey) 10023:29
Modfunk Rack Bhayo Ni Ho Bro (Elomak Remix) 12836:30
Modfunk Timeshifter 12524:10
Mollie Jayne Even If You Scream 11532:58
Morgan Hayes Careless M12433:17
Mr. Ozwald Synthesize 12533:26
Munniebear Rock Bottom (Easy) 9033:55
My Hero Radio M11023:25
Mystery Skulls Ghost 12034:19
Nayome Burning Up 13324:00
Oh No Not Stereo All You M8922:23
Oishii & Matthew Pablo Gametime 12733:19
Pair-A-Dice There's No Stoppin' Us 15034:24
Panic! At The Disco Girls Girls Boys 14543:23
Panic! At The Disco Miss Jackson 8223:12
Papillon Rising Things Are Looking Up 12544:09
Quad City DJs Space Jam 13245:00
Rebecca Horn BFF 13333:36
Return to Mono Song of the Beast 12533:48
Revolucien & A-P Connection All Night 12244:24
Ron Reeser You & I feat. Sugar Joiko (Hydrogenio Remix) 12845:21
Rosy Donnovan Shattering 9534:00
Sackcloth Fashion Summin of Angels M11623:17
Schoolboy Q Hands On The Wheel - feat. ASAP Rocky 12833:18
Schoolboy Q Man of the Year 11223:35
Schoolboy Q Sacrilegious 13443:30
Sharif Lauren 9533:44
Sharif You Are My Girl M14443:53
Shaymin Shake 11843:21
Sideway Runners Shooting Star M13943:47
Sirocco All About Me 11133:21
Sirocco Infamous 10533:39
Soul P. Goodness (feat. Lisa Kimmey) 9323:34
Spoony Shake It 12833:36
STAMEN Chaos (Original Mix) 12633:57
STAMEN Feel Love 12644:06
STAMEN I Wanna Feel 12644:14
StaticBlu Two-Fold Shuffle M12033:02
STEAL THIS you need 9023:51
Steve Aoki Cudi the Kid 14444:45
Steve Aoki Delirious 12833:41
Teha Kiss & Cry 11533:01
Tesz Don't Take Too Long M9024:05
TFLM Wave From Me 12843:05
Tgfcoder Apogee 13833:20
Tgfcoder Galaxy 16043:42
The Chainsmokers #Selfie 12834:01
The Chainsmokers Goodness Gracious 12833:49
The Chainsmokers Thunderclap 12834:33
The Chainsmokers Wonder 12733:38
The Crookers Day n Nite 13044:42
The Last To The Future 11232:52
The Party 'Party' I'm On Fire 12823:34
The Party Party Whistle Song 12833:29
The Popstar The Popstar (DJ Reidiculous Mix) 12834:33
The Relay Company Animals 12533:25
The Relay Company Diva 11722:56
The Spin Wires Dance or Die Instrumental 12532:43
The Spin Wires Girls Like You Instrumental 15543:15
The Weeknd Drunk In Love 14043:26
The Weeknd King Of The Fall (Explicit) 15644:59
The Weeknd Life Of The Party 13844:56
The Weeknd Often 13444:06
The Weeknd Professional 12023:31
The Weeknd Wanderlust 11625:02
Thomas Easton Outlast 12834:21
Thomas Easton Vortex 12834:04
Thrill Kill Dress In Stereo (Original Mix) 12124:07
Thrill Kill Night Skys (original mix) 12133:47
Thrill Kill Way That You Move 12134:10
Tove Lo Habits 12834:21
Tropkillaz MAMBO 14842:51
Tropkillaz Two Drags 9223:33
TST No Regular 13035:17
Various Artist Cinderella (Inyoung Suh) M12023:01
Vytaan Piano Heaven 9033:13
Wayne Numan I Wanna Dance! 13032:15
WIA Be Together in Your World 12043:38
WIA December 10034:14
WIA Feel Of The Night 12643:26
WIA Wedding Day 13043:00
WIA You are the Sunshine of My Life 9224:02
Windcheater Apathetic M12535:28
Windcheater Hold It 12546:19
YABAK X YONGKA More than higher (feat. takpam) 8623:53
Yellow Claw DJ Turn It Up 10233:31
Yellow Claw Pillz 15043:42
Yellow Claw Slow Down 10034:11
YoonSeok Choi Sky (Inst) 8023:48
Yuna Rescue 10723:43
Yung Lean Kyoto 11734:00
Yung Lean Yoshi City 12833:42
Yungwook Maybe 11243:18
Zeds Dead Hadouken 14543:55
Zeds Dead Lost You 12633:34
Zomboy Bad Intentions 12834:51
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