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BGM Master Song List
Key: New Song
Artist Title BPM Length
Allan Cutler All Or Nothing M963:37
Allan Cutler Give Up On Us M903:01
Allan Cutler Saturday M1303:23
Allan Cutler & Becca Talk To Me M1263:04
Alyshen The One M1252:59
Amigaman So Much More M1293:36
Analogue Revolution Go Crazy (feat. Bryan Steele) M1284:08
Audition At The Same Time M1444:15
Audition Beautiful 2009 M1283:41
Audition Catch M1203:34
Audition Don't Fool Around M1383:20
Audition Good M1453:00
Audition Happy Ending M1284:02
Audition How to Say M1304:10
Audition Left Right M1283:15
Audition Let's Start It M993:35
Audition Like a Loser M1503:32
Audition Listen M983:32
Audition Love Love Mode M1303:13
Audition Love Song M953:18
Audition Mov Mov M1073:35
Audition No Space M1383:45
Audition Party Summer Night M963:35
Audition Please Stand Up M1103:20
Audition Tell It To Me (2009 Mini-Album) M1243:08
Audition Timing M1323:32
Audition Together Forever M1153:18
Audition Under the Sun M1283:10
Audition Who Who M1093:11
Audition With You M1503:42
Audition Yeah Yo M1013:26
Audition Yes, If It's You M1303:14
Audition You M1364:05
Audition You're Already Gone M1503:44
Becca This Ain't A Love Song M1263:31
Chris Morris Can I Have This Dance M1133:40
Come On, Come On Pop Fiction M1583:50
Dan aka Dan The Sound M845:00
Daydream Anatomy Dynamism M853:36
DJ Pho Christmas Breakz M1323:06
DJ Regal Pump the Bass M1433:29
DJ Regal feat. Erica Here We Go M1283:30
Eminent Pulse Dance Floor M1344:01
Eminent Pulse Just One Night M1344:07
Eminent Pulse Surrender M1303:53
Fresh Body Shop So Real M1502:47
H*Wood Hollywood Life M1323:29
Jackie Boyz Clones M1223:42
Japan Audition D4 M1503:41
Japan Audition SRF M1604:41
JuggaNote The Kid's With Us M1063:14
Kaboose Build It Up M983:52
Kaboose Get Up M953:19
Kelsey Maree It's Love M1333:54
Kelsey Maree La La La M1343:44
KIF Piece of My Heart M1283:32
Kiwychee Joy to the Audition World M1182:35
Kyven Stand To Lose M1363:49
Laura Roppe Sing A Love Song M883:05
Lil Bren Get Low M1603:44
Lil Bren My Shoes On M1123:43
M.O.V.E. Tell Me Why M903:40
Maracalous Party All Night M1274:41
MJ&iRok Going Crazy M1284:40
MJ&iRok Hands Up M1283:36
MJ&iRoK Party All Night M1284:01
MJ&iRoK Point of No Return M1403:38
MJ&iRok Yeah! M1283:54
MJP My Love M983:00
Morgan Hayes Careless M1243:17
My Hero Radio M1103:25
Natasja Letting Go M1594:12
Oh No Not Stereo All You M892:23
Rebecca Horn Hello Disaster M1683:25
Sackcloth Fashion Summin of Angels M1163:17
Sharif You Are My Girl M1443:53
Sideway Runners Shooting Star M1393:47
Sirocco Brain On Music M1303:11
StaticBlu Two-Fold Shuffle M1203:02
Tesz Don't Take Too Long M904:05
Various Artist 1 Minute 1 Second (Epik High) M1554:26
Various Artist Cinderella (Inyoung Suh) M1203:01
Various Artist GEE (Girl Generation) M1003:21
Various Artist More Today Than Yesterday (Jongguk Kim) M834:00
Various Artist Stop The Wind (Loveholic) M1353:16
Windcheater Apathetic M1255:28
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