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Help: The Happy Box
The Audifan Happy Box gives you the opportunity to win badges and additional VIP Drawing entries. Just log in, go to the Happy Box page, and click the "GO" button to give it a spin!
Possible Prizes
  • Badges
    • Badges appear with your name on your profile and in comments.
    • Badges last 30 days and you may have a maximum of 2 badges at any time.
    • Upon winning a Badge Voucher, you can redeem it on the My Stuff page.
    • There are 14 badges to choose from including tournament medals, mission icons, and other miscellaneous Audition flair.

  • Additional VIP Drawing Entries
    • Adds an additional entry in the VIP Drawing.
    • Can only be won if you already won an entry by earning VIP Status.
  • Cooldown Reduction Items (see below)
  • Coin Items
    • Coin Boxes
    • Coin Bonus Items
    • If you do not win anything else, you will receive between 10 and 50 coins.
    • See this news post for more info about coins.
Cooldown Bonuses
  • You can spin the Happy Box once every 8 hours. However, you can reduce this cooldown time in many ways:
    1. Win a cooldown item from the Happy Box itself! A -40% cooldown reduction item can be won and lasts 7 days. If you win another one, the time will be extended 7 more days.
    2. Earn VIP Status. If you have a VIP badge, your cooldown will be reduced by 40%.
    3. Earn Quest Points. You will receive a cooldown reduction of approximately 0.0405% per Quest Point, up to a maximum of 50.00% reduction.
    4. Earn a Quest medal.
      • Thumbs Up (Easy quest completed) - Reduces cooldown by 7 1/2 minutes.
      • Bronze Medal (Easy + Medium quests) - Reduces cooldown by 15 minutes.
      • Silver Medal (Easy, Medium, & Hard quests) - Reduces cooldown by 22 1/2 minutes.
      • Gold Medal (All quests completed) - Reduces cooldown by 30 minutes.
      • Reduction from quest medals are applied last and do not stack with other bonuses.
  • All of your active cooldown bonuses are listed on the Happy Box page.
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