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Help: Profile Editing
  • Profile editing is integrated into your profile so you can get an idea of what it will look like while you are editing it.
  • To edit your profile:
    • Log in and click My Profile at the top of any page.
    • Next, click Enter Edit Mode at the top of your profile.
  • While your profile is in Edit Mode, you can do the following:
    • Click a "Move" link at the bottom of a module to move it around.
    • Click the "Hide Module" link to remove the module from your visible profile. Hidden modules will appear at the bottom of your profile. You can re-add a hidden module by clicking either "Add to Right Side" or "Add to Left Side."
    • Moving, hiding, or showing a module will automatically save your layout.
    • Click Change Picture under your profile picture to change it.
    • At the bottom of the Latest Comments module, you can allow or disallow comments. Be sure to click the save button if you change it.
    • On the Favorite Songs module, you can check any number of your favorite songs to remove them from the list.
    • On the About Me module, you can edit the content that will appear in this module. Be sure to click the save button to save your changes.
  • Click "Exit Edit Mode" at the top of your profile to go back to viewing your profile as everyone else sees it.
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