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Help: Comment Syntax
Formatting Syntax
There are many formatting codes that you can add to comments. These also work in your "About Me" on your profile.

  • [b]Make text bold.[/b] = Make text bold.
  • [i]Italicize text.[/i] = Italicize text.
  • [u]Underline text.[/u] = Underline text.
  • [s]Strikethrough text.[/s] = Strikethrough text.
  • Create a link: [url]http://www.audifan.net/[/url] = http://www.audifan.net/
  • You can also use emoticon shortcuts from Audition.
    • ;Grin =
    • ;haha =
    • If a peach emote has the same shorcut as a default shortcut, put a 2 after it for the peach one.
      ;Grin2 =
    • See the full list of emotes below.
  • Multiple codes applied to the same text must be properly "nested" or they will not work.
    For example, [b][i]This is correct[/i][/b] = This is correct.
    [b][i]This is incorrect.[/b][/i] = [i]This is incorrect.[/i]
Emote List
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