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EXP Table & Calculator
Base EXP
Mode / Players:
Universal Bonuses
EXP Card (?):
EXP Cards
20 rounds of x2 or x3 EXP Cards can be purchased in the Items tab of the Fashion Mall.
x2 cards cost 600 cash and x3 cards cost 1,500 cash.
5 rounds of a x2 EXP Card are also given at the end of a successful Wedding or Love Party to all observers.
1 round of a x2 EXP Card can also be given as a prize in Coin Collect mode.
DJ Booth (?):
DJ Booth
DJ Booths can be purchased in the Interior section of the Fashion Mall.
They give 10 bonus EXP to everyone in the room if there are less than 6 players and 20 bonus EXP for a full room.
Pet (?):
Pets can be purchased from the Fashion Mall or the Couple Shop.
The EXP bonus they give is written on its description when purchasing.
Home Premium Mark (?):
Home Premium Mark
The Home Premium Mark can be purchased from Items section of the Fashion Mall.
Gives x2 EXP in all games for 30 days.
Team EXP (?):
Team EXP
Team EXP is earned by winning 50 Title Matches with a Crazy 9 or Beat Up team title or 100 Title Matches with a Choreography or Crazy team title.
It gives 30% more EXP to all team members in every game.
Expert/Guitar Tournament Medal (?):
Tournament Medal
Tournament medals are earned by winning Expert or Guitar Tournament.
Only the Expert and Guitar medals give x2 EXP in every game.
Event Server (?):
Event Server
The Event Server is enabled periodically in addition to the Free Server.
All games played in the Event Server give 50% more EXP.
Mode-Specific Bonuses
Event Item (?):
Event Item
The Event Item can be purchased in the Item section of the Fashion Mall for 2,000 cash.
Players with the event item can set requirements for the current game, and those who succeed will receive the event prize.
The event item only works in Normal modes, Beat Up, One Two Party, S. B-Boy Battle, Ballroom Dance, and Club Dance.
Guitar Controllers (?):
Guitar Controllers
In Guitar Mode only, if you are using a guitar controller, all other members of the room will receive 20% more EXP.
This effect stacks up to 5 times if the five other players in the room other than yourself have a guitar controller.
BGM Master (?):
BGM Master
By mastering a number of BGM Master songs, you will receive between 10% and 40% more EXP when playing the songs that you've mastered.
The bonus is only given once per song per day.
EXP per Game
Needed Games
Current EXP:
or select one of your characters:
Goal EXP:
or select goal level:
Needed EXP:
Needed Games:
If you win against someone who has a higher level than you,
your actual EXP can be up to double the calculated value.
Therefore, it is recommended that if you are not the highest level in the
room, you should calculate your Base EXP first.
Click the "Need Help?" link at the top and see Way #2 for more information.
EXP Table
Lv. 10
Lv. 2220
Lv. 31,260
Lv. 43,480
Lv. 57,140
Lv. 612,500
Lv. 719,695
Lv. 829,000
Lv. 940,500
Lv. 1054,500
Lv. 1171,000
Lv. 1290,000
Lv. 13112,000
Lv. 14137,000
Lv. 15165,000
Lv. 16196,000
Lv. 17230,500
Lv. 18268,500
Lv. 19310,000
Lv. 20354,500
Lv. 21403,500
Lv. 22456,000
Lv. 23512,000
Lv. 24572,500
Lv. 25637,000
Lv. 26705,500
Lv. 27778,000
Lv. 28855,500
Lv. 29937,000
Lv. 301,023,000
Lv. 311,113,500
Lv. 321,208,500
Lv. 331,308,500
Lv. 341,413,500
Lv. 351,523,000
Lv. 361,638,000
Lv. 371,757,500
Lv. 381,882,500
Lv. 392,012,000
Lv. 402,147,500
Lv. 412,288,000
Lv. 422,434,000
Lv. 432,585,000
Lv. 442,742,000
Lv. 452,904,500
Lv. 463,072,500
Lv. 473,246,500
Lv. 483,426,000
Lv. 493,611,000
Lv. 503,802,500
Lv. 514,000,000
Lv. 524,300,000
Lv. 534,650,000
Lv. 545,000,000
Lv. 555,400,000
Lv. 565,850,000
Lv. 576,350,000
Lv. 586,900,000
Lv. 597,300,000
Lv. 607,850,000
Lv. 618,400,000
Lv. 629,000,000
Lv. 639,600,000
Lv. 6410,250,000
Lv. 6510,900,000
Lv. 6611,600,000
Lv. 6712,350,000
Lv. 6813,150,000
Lv. 6914,000,000
Lv. 7014,900,000
Lv. 7115,850,000
Lv. 7216,850,000
Lv. 7317,850,000
Lv. 7418,850,000
Lv. 7519,850,000
Lv. 7621,850,000
Lv. 7723,850,000
Lv. 7825,850,000
Lv. 7927,850,000
Lv. 8029,850,000
Lv. 8132,850,000
Lv. 8235,850,000
Lv. 8338,850,000
Lv. 8441,850,000
Lv. 8544,850,000
Lv. 8648,850,000
Lv. 8752,850,000
Lv. 8856,850,000
Lv. 8960,850,000
Lv. 9064,850,000
Lv. 9169,850,000
Lv. 9274,850,000
Lv. 9379,850,000
Lv. 9484,850,000
Lv. 9589,850,000
Lv. 9695,850,000
Lv. 97101,850,000
Lv. 98107,850,000
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