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Invisible Offline. Joined on October 29, 2012.
VIP Rank: 7 QP: 32 / Rank: 49
My Characters
Lv. 43 Level Title
N: 58% B: 33% R: 61%
My Couples
Noiz Lv. 50 Ine
My Teams
Plush Ine
About Me
Hallo hallo~♫

Have not been on Audi officially in so long.
Will get on from time to time. Rare though.

I have the single pea life
Married to my adorable baby cousin on Audi
Nobody I would consider to couple with otherwise.

A: 22/11/09 - 21/02/10
S: 26/02/12 - 28/08/12
D: 23/09/12 - ??/??/??

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