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Invisible Offline. Joined on April 16, 2011.
My Characters
Lv. 43 Level Title
Lv. 48 Level Title
Favorite Songs
Audition 3254 Techno Party
Audition Beat City
Audition Blackout House
Audition Can Can
Audition Canon 2007
Audition Canon Groove
Audition Catch
Audition Chinese Lady
Audition Christmas Party
Audition Cuckoo Clock
Audition Cutie
Audition Dance Dance
Audition Dance Fish
Audition Dance Flower
Audition December (VOX Tune)
Audition Dentist
Audition Diet
Audition Disco World
Audition DJ Euro Mix
Audition Doo Doop
Audition Drama
Audition Driving At Night
Audition Go Go
Audition Hands Up!!!
Audition Heavy Metal Syndrome
Audition I Cannot Abandon It
Audition I'll Pretend I Don't Know
Audition K. O.
Audition Left Right
Audition Let's Start It
Audition Like a Loser
Audition Listen
Audition Little By Little
Audition Lookie Lookie
Audition Love Mode
Audition Mov Mov
Audition Move
Audition Mr. Detective
Audition Mr. No. 1 Guide
Audition New York
Audition Night
Audition Please Stand Up
Audition Queen of Dancing
Audition Roller Coast
Audition Solo
Audition Spain Moonlight
Audition Sunrise
Audition Take It
Audition To You
Audition Train Rolling Through The Seas When It Rains (Hard)
Audition U Know
Audition Ur Ma Angel
Audition Wedding Day
Audition Who Who
Audition With You
Audition X Girlfriend
Audition Yeah Yo
Audition You
Cascada Everytime We Touch
David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland When Love Takes Over
Kallie We Own The Night
Owl City Fireflies
Pair-A-Dice There's No Stoppin' Us
Various Artist 1 Minute 1 Second (Epik High)
Various Artist Day By Day (Big Bang)
Various Artist Heaven (Big Bang)
Various Artist La La La (SG Wannabe)
Various Artist Love & War (Davichi)
Various Artist More Today Than Yesterday (Jongguk Kim)
Various Artist Red Sunset (Big Bang)
Various Artist U-Go-Girl (Hyori Lee)
Vesbazz Euro!massive (Audition mix)
My Couples
Addicted Lv. 24 Kirsten
BoredRanger Lv. 53 B0redRanger
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