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Aly's Profile Picture
Invisible Offline. Joined on September 21, 2012.
VIP Rank: 49 QP: 186 / Rank: 16
About Me
The name's Aly.

Go look for me on Redbana Forums & Tgforums!~
Username: Aly
My IGN on Audition is: Aley :3
My male IGN is: Forged c[=
Married to the most amazing best friend I could ask for! : Forge c; (AKA, my Adaboo )

I won Expert tournament for the first time in my life on June 8, 2016!

AuditionSEA: Kuhe (Lv. 29)
PVS: Rayne (Lv. 55)
17AU: Aly (Lv. 83)

I'm fabulous.
My Teams
Momoko Calathea
My Couples
Aley Lv. 18 Kuh
Forged Forge
Faifu Lv. 15 Daifu
Quest Stats
Total Quest Points
Total Completed Points
Easy 16 32
Medium 10 40
Hard 3 24
Insane 1 12
Group 3 30
Battle 7 48
Overall 16
Overall w/o Insane 15
Individual Only 16
Normal Modes 6
Beat Up 38
One Two Party 15
Beat Rush 10
Guitar Mode 28
My Characters
Lv. 52 Level Title
N: 100% B: 61% R: 100% O: 100% H: 31%
Lv. 24 Level Title
N: 41% R: 38% O: 33%
Lv. 12 Level Title
Favorite Songs
Addis aka Raptile Disco (feat. FYI)
Allan Cutler My Girl
Allison Iraheta Friday I'll Be Over U
Amo Amelia
Amo Playtoy
Audien feat. Michael S. Leaving You
Audition Can Can (Acoustic Mix) - Jive
Audition Cow Boy - Jive
Audition Kiss Kiss
Audition My Heart Is Beating
Audition Queen of Dancing
Audition Sad Samba - Samba
Audition Together Forever
Audition Wedding Day
Audition Wedding Day
Audition Wedding Party
Audition You
Azealia Banks Chasing Time
Becca Love Again
Ben Clement Mean Anything - Rumba
Bexy Don't Bring Me Down
Blazed Out Music Top of the World
Block B Nillili Mambo
Borgore Sail
Boys Like Girls Love Drunk
Come On, Come On Pop Fiction
Dan aka Dan The Sound
DiRTY RADiO Found You
DiRTY RADiO Ground Shake
DiRTY RADiO My Heart Ft. Sherry St. Germain
Divalola Wallflower
Eminent Pulse Take Me Away
Fall Out Boy Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Family Force 5 Cray Button
Figure This is Halloween
Japan Audition D4
Jordyn Taylor Again
Kelsey Maree La La La
KIF Piece of My Heart
KIF The Darkness
Kyven Take Me Up
Liane V. Stupid
Lil Bren Get Low
Lou Bega Mambo No. 5 - Jive
Mighty Mike Hey Beautiful
MJ&iRoK Heart Beat
Owl City Fireflies
Rebecca Horn BFF
Rebecca Horn Hello Disaster
Sackcloth Fashion Summin of Angels
The Party 'Party' I'm On Fire
Tove Lo Habits
Various Artist Between Love And Friendship (Suyoung Lee)
Various Artist There's No Other (Seungchul Lee)
Yuna Rescue
Latest Comments
Total Quest Points:186
Lv. 52
I can't believe I've been here for almost 5 years! Is this place still alive?
Total Quest Points:263
Lv. 52
Ehehe, wo ai ni <3
Total Quest Points:263
Lv. 52
Hey boo <3
Total Quest Points:32
omg you play cocopaplay ?!?!
Total Quest Points:188
Lv. 73
They're at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Audition Online/SCREENSHOT
Total Quest Points:5,218
Lv. 63
Congrats on MAX ring ^^
Total Quest Points:186
Lv. 52
Finally MAX ring! It took from 17 July, 2013 to 30 April, 2015! XD. Woo!
Total Quest Points:188
Lv. 73
Total Quest Points:186
Lv. 52
It's my Audifan candle day!!! ♥

2 years with Audifan ~ ♥
Total Quest Points:186
Lv. 52
Happy Birthday to me. c:
Total Quest Points:10
Lv. 63
Happy early birthday !
Total Quest Points:186
Lv. 52
It's March 1st. <3
(30 days until my birthday ;D )
Total Quest Points:186
Lv. 52
No more peachies? o_o ...
Lv. 32
Umm I have a different ign before, Clover~'s my 2nd ign.
Never got to change it again. XD
Why? :O
Total Quest Points:10
Lv. 63
*patpat* it's okay
Total Quest Points:186
Lv. 52
I never win anything in this Happy Box anymore ..
Lv. 31
it is?
well you know.
im osm like that. jk.
Lv. 29
Oh. I see
k. LOL
Lv. 29
How the hell did you lose your phone.
Lv. 45
Ikr and right when I got on audifan I was just thinking about that haha
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