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Invisible Offline. Joined on August 15, 2012.
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Lv. 67 Level Title
N: 100% B: 100% R: 100% O: 100% H: 51%
Lv. 13 Level Title
N: 16%
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Dance with me tonight .::.
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Yam Roy
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Total Quest Points:44
Lv. 67
I found uuuuuuuuuuuu
Help. While i was dead for a week I come baq and see your cpl is crosby. If i spy you in ct/bt I needa pray for myself Q_Q.
5k5k5k5k5k5k pls ALL I WANT FROM AUDI FAN FOR CHRISTMAS... IS 5K!!!! LOOL. +__+ we can do it! . FIGHTING JENNA (*__*)/
HAX. @ YOU WINNING A VIP RAFFLE FROM HB. UGH. THIS PEICE OF YAM. #sodonewithyoujenna.... marbles. .
Lv. 47
Hi Jennab00.
Total Quest Points:2
SMH. HMPH ._. </3 i thought we had a thing! asdfg -runs away broken hearted-
I spy a Yam. Or is it a Ham?
My boredom is high for I want to make pie.
Jokes I hate pies for they can suck my yolks.
You should join Tempest for we are not pests. . ( ok we pest you ikik. BUT THAT DOESNT COUNT)
okok. you get this message. q_q i just want you to join us and I'm hardcore procrastinating rn z_z.
Wat is life.
I lab you JENNAA!!!..... MARBLES. . xoxo.
Lv. 47
dat fail..

Total Quest Points:4
Lv. 58

Total Quest Points:4
Lv. 58
gimme them ruffles again. -omnomonmonom-
Lv. 47
Yam .. = Jenna?
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