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Invisible Offline. Joined on May 31, 2017.
VIP Rank: 526
My Characters
Lv. ?? Level Title
N: 25% B: 5% R: 26% O: 10% H: 3%
Lv. 36 Level Title
N: 56% B: 1% R: 3%
My Couples
Euriclid Euclid
Harlie Lv. 59 Harlou
My Teams
Harlou Chibs
Random Friend
Quest Stats
Total Quest Points
Total Completed Points
Easy 0 0
Medium 0 0
Hard 0 0
Insane 0 0
Group 0 0
Battle 0 0
Overall ??
Overall w/o Insane ??
Individual Only ??
Normal Modes ??
Beat Up ??
One Two Party ??
Beat Rush ??
Guitar Mode ??
About Me

Been playing this game since I was in 4th Grade in the PH
I stopped playing in the year 2013 and just got back this year (April, 2017)

Previous IGN's: Caoimhe & Harlie (banned acc)


Favorite Songs
Allan Cutler DJ Stole My Heart
Allan Cutler Saturday
Amo The Alibi
Analogue Revolution Lights Camera Action
Audition Beautiful 2009
Audition Everyday
Audition Happy Ending
Audition Like a Loser
Audition Little By Little
Audition Lookie Lookie
Audition Love Doctor
Audition Love Mode
Audition Love Song
Audition To You (2009 mini-album)
Audition Young
Azealia Banks JFK
Bexy Meant For Me
Borgore Sail
Borgore Wicked Games
Deorro Yee
Diplo Drunk N Luv
DiRTY RADiO Ground Shake
DJ Regal Fresh
Flosstradamus Mosh Pit ft. Casino
H*Wood Get It
Jackie Boyz Callin' Me
Jackie Boyz Clones
Jackie Boyz Love And Beyond
James Egbert Latch
James Egbert Naughty Boy
Japan Audition SRF
Kat Dahlia Gangsta
Kate Bradshaw Breathe You In
Kavalier Better feat. Elias
Kyven All Dressed Up
Kyven Two (We'll Be Together)
Lauryn Vyce & Virtuosyk Party-Ception
Liane V. Girl Next Door
Lil Bren My Shoes On
M.O.V.E. Tell Me Why
Marina and the Diamonds How To Be a Heartbreaker
MJP My Love
Mocozi Lonely
Mr. Ozwald Synthesize
Munniebear Rock Bottom (Easy)
Munniebear Rock Bottom (Hard)
Natasja Letting Go
Pair-A-Dice There's No Stoppin' Us
Quad City DJs Space Jam
Rebecca Horn Hello Disaster
Sackcloth Fashion Summin of Angels
Shiner22 You're All I Want
Sideway Runners Shooting Star
Steve Aoki Delirious
The Crookers Day n Nite
The Frail Firefly
The Weeknd Often
Various Artist 1 Minute 1 Second (Epik High)
Various Artist Cinderella (Inyoung Suh)
WIA Be Together in Your World
WIA Wedding Day
Yuna Rescue
Yung Lean Yoshi City
Zeds Dead Coffee Break
Zomboy Bad Intentions
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Lv. ??
Lv. ??
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