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Invisible Offline. Joined on November 1, 2015.
VIP Rank: 114 QP: 330 / Rank: 6
My Characters
Lv. 51 Level Title
N: 100% B: 100% R: 100% O: 100% H: 22%
Favorite Songs
Audition 1, 2 Fiesta
Audition December (VOX Tune)
Ben Clement Mean Anything - Rumba
Eminent Pulse Take Me Away
JeJe Transformation
Owl City Fireflies
Latest Comments
jk its good now
im having trouble extracting the audi patch files on my new computer :(
Total Quest Points:4
Lv. 39
IRAZZ lovieeee
Total Quest Points:6
Lv. 56
hello baby
Total Quest Points:16
o.o serious? ;clar who you tho o-o
Total Quest Points:6
Lv. 56
Total Quest Points:49
Lv. 50
I wanted to put my own ign as username, but I was thinking about Vue rip. Then they said to me, u can change it after 15 days. Rip life. Forever Vue LOOL
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