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Invisible Offline. Joined on September 24, 2015.
VIP Rank: 412 QP: 20 / Rank: 69
Favorite Songs
Audition You're Already Gone
i Killed the Symphony My Enemy
Liane V. Girl Next Door
Marina and the Diamonds How To Be a Heartbreaker
Munniebear Rock Bottom (Hard)
Panic! At The Disco Girls Girls Boys
Panic! At The Disco Miss Jackson
Various Artist GEE (Girl Generation)
About Me
Hello everybody!

I know this is supposed to be about me but honestly i'm not that interesting but that's okay instead let me ramble about nothing like i'm doing right now you may have noticed the peachy's and yes i know they're cute that's why I'm using them. Oh you noticed i have a couple did you? Of course you did it's right in your face on the right side well i don't think they play but they'll probably come back.... yes the ring is only level 5 shut up i'm broke oh hey i'm finally out of room byeee
My Characters
Lv. 24 Level Title
N: 7%
My Couples
Kliff Lv. 5 Paradoxical
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