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Invisible Offline. Joined on August 11, 2015.
VIP Rank: 509 QP: 114 / Rank: 19
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N: 79% B: 83% R: 61% O: 100% H: 6%
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Total Quest Points:267
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in memory of guopuff i am guopuff now
Total Quest Points:267
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Favorite Songs
Analogue Revolution Lights Camera Action
Audition AEIAOE
Audition Euro 2005
Audition Girl
Audition Hands Up!!!
Audition Have A Nice Day
Audition It's Alright
Audition Keep Remember
Audition Kiss Kiss
Audition Leaving
Audition Little By Little
Audition My Heart Is Beating
Audition Night
Audition Night Drive (Slow)
Audition No Space
Audition Oh My Girl
Audition Party Summer Night
Audition Play Boy
Audition Run Again
Audition Seeing You Again
Audition Sorry Sorry
Audition Spain Moonlight
Audition Still (My Girl)
Audition Swan Lake
Audition Sweden
Audition Sweetie
Audition Symphony From The Rock World
Audition Symphony No. 40 (Rock ver.)
Audition Tell Me Why
Audition Timing (2009 Mini-Album)
Audition To You (2009 mini-album)
Audition Ur Ma Angel
Audition Wedding Day
Audition X Girlfriend
Audition Yes, If It's You
Block B Nillili Mambo
Candy Rose Hooked On You
Day break Good
Daydream Anatomy 31337
Diplo Barely Standing
Exid I Feel Good (R. Tee Remix)
Japan Audition D4
Japan Audition LateNight
JeJe Transformation
Ka Lide Believe in Love
Kavalier Better feat. Elias
KIF Piece of My Heart
Krewella One Minute
Landis Hypnotica (Original Mix)
M.O.V.E. Saturday Night
Maria Long Find Me
MixMatch Move It
MJ&iRoK Club 101
MJ&iRoK Everybody Dance
MJ&iRoK Heart Beat
MJ&iRoK Turn It Up
MJ&iRok Yeah!
MJ&iRoK You And Me Forever
NaRu Mr. Right
Oishii & Matthew Pablo Gametime
Rebecca Horn BFF
Return to Mono Song of the Beast
Ron Reeser You & I feat. Sugar Joiko (Hydrogenio Remix)
Rosy Donnovan Shattering
Sirocco All About Me
Sirocco Go
Soul P. Goodness (feat. Lisa Kimmey)
The Party 'Party' I'm On Fire
Thomas Easton Vortex
Zomboy Bad Intentions
My Couples
Ittai Lv. 54 001
My Teams
No characters have teammates.
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