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Invisible Offline. Joined on March 21, 2012.
Favorite Songs
Audition Be The Wind
Audition Beat City
Audition Beautiful
Audition Beautiful 2009
Audition Beforehand
Audition Bye Bye
Audition Can Can
Audition Come On!
Audition Cuckoo Clock
Audition Cutie
Audition Dance Flower
Audition Destiny
Audition Diary
Audition Diet
Audition Don't Cry, My Heart
Audition Don't Need To Say A Thing
Audition Drama
Audition Everyday
Audition Eye For An Eye
Audition Feels Good (2009 Mini-Album)
Audition Gloomy March
Audition Go Go
Audition Good
Audition Goodbye, Good Day
Audition Hands Up!!!
Audition Have A Nice Day
Audition How to Say
Audition I'll Come To See You
Audition I'll Pretend I Don't Know
Audition Just One
Audition K. O.
Audition Kiss Kiss
Audition Leaving
Audition Left Right
Audition Like a Loser
Audition Little By Little
Audition Love Doctor
Audition Love Love Mode
Audition Love Mode
Audition Move
Audition Mr. Detective
Audition Mr. No. 1 Guide
My Characters
Lv. 54 Level Title
N: 100% H: 4%
My Couples
Ty Yw
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Lv. 51
You would find me LOLOL <3
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