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Invisible Offline. Joined on August 1, 2015.
VIP Rank: 79 QP: 267 / Rank: 9
About Me
art by nami the legendary infamous notorious audigod aka monkeydluffy
My Characters
Lv. ?? Level Title
Lv. ?? Level Title
Quest Stats
Total Quest Points
Total Completed Points
Easy 22 44
Medium 22 88
Hard 2 16
Insane 4 48
Group 1 10
Battle 7 61
Overall 9
Overall w/o Insane 11
Individual Only 6
Normal Modes 15
Beat Up 4
One Two Party 6
Beat Rush 12
Guitar Mode 14
Recent Happy Box Prizes
Latest Comments
Total Quest Points:114
Lv. 50
rip u still type it w.o caps
Total Quest Points:114
Lv. 50
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