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Invisible Offline. Joined on January 25, 2015.
VIP Rank: 655 QP: 16 / Rank: 77
About Me
So like, who doesn't love audi? anyway, add me on audi: j~ or Musume I won't reject
Favorite Songs
Becca How Do I Know
Borgore Be Ourselves
Borgore Wicked Games
Diplo Revolution
Fiona Life Of The Party
Japan Audition D4
Kavalier Better feat. Elias
KIF The Darkness
Kyven Dance Forever
Landis Hypnotica (Original Mix)
M.O.V.E. Supernatural
Ron Reeser You & I feat. Sugar Joiko (Hydrogenio Remix)
Sirocco Brain On Music
The Relay Company Animals
The Weeknd Wanderlust
Random Friend
My Characters
Lv. 31 Level Title
N: 16% B: 5% R: 5% O: 5%
Lv. 7 Level Title
My Couples
j~ Shoon
Quest Stats
Total Quest Points
Total Completed Points
Easy 4 8
Medium 2 8
Hard 0 0
Insane 0 0
Group 0 0
Battle 0 0
Overall 77
Overall w/o Insane 76
Individual Only 72
Normal Modes 34
Beat Up ??
One Two Party ??
Beat Rush ??
Guitar Mode ??
Latest Comments
Total Quest Points:188
Lv. 73

You didn't have to change your name! You gave me your character name when you entered the drawing.

I reset your name change timer if you want to change it back.
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