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Invisible Offline. Joined on December 23, 2013.
VIP Rank: 216 QP: 74 / Rank: 30
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JiPon JiPun
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Total Quest Points:38
When one of the nicest girls in the world turns her back to you.. aw sh!t!! I'm on the list too
Total Quest Points:38
a package will be arrived around 6 p.m It's something u searched for years lmao.

-my text got send back, cuz ur phone is off wya?????
Total Quest Points:38
Stop watching Chinese dramas watch me play league instead will ya???
Total Quest Points:38
Total Quest Points:38
Sassy LUCY =]]
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Total Completed Points
Easy 8 16
Medium 5 20
Hard 1 8
Insane 0 0
Group 1 10
Battle 3 20
Overall 30
Overall w/o Insane 29
Individual Only 35
Normal Modes 36
Beat Up 32
One Two Party ??
Beat Rush 14
Guitar Mode ??
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Lv. 41 Level Title
Lv. 29 Level Title
Lv. 59 Level Title
N: 100% B: 77% R: 61% O: 55% H: 28%
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