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Invisible Offline. Joined on August 28, 2013.
My Characters
Lv. 31 Level Title
Favorite Songs
Amo Amelia
Audition Don't Need To Say A Thing
Audition Everyday
Audition I Will Be Very Good To You
Audition Little By Little
Audition Train Rolling Through The Seas When It Rains (Hard)
DiRTY RADiO Found You
Jackie Boyz Love And Beyond
Laura Roppe Sing A Love Song
Liane V. Girl Next Door
Various Artist More Today Than Yesterday (Jongguk Kim)
Various Artist There's No Other (Seungchul Lee)
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Lv. 67
Why hello there stranger c:
Lv. 21
annoying cause i was only gonna send u <- this face LMAO
oh yea ure right. LOL xD
Lv. 21
.. y does it have to be at least 10 characters long
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