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Invisible Offline. Joined on March 8, 2013.
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My Characters
Lv. 61 Level Title
Lv. 52 Level Title
N: 82% B: 66% R: 100% O: 33% H: 6%
Favorite Songs
Allan Cutler Love On The Dance Floor
Allan Cutler The One
Allan Cutler What If
Alyshen The One
Audition Audition
Audition Beforehand
Audition Eye For An Eye
Audition Just One
Audition Love Love Mode
Audition Mr. No. 1 Guide
Audition Oh My Girl
Audition Play Boy
Audition Symphony From The Rock World
Audition Symphony No. 40 (Rock ver.)
Cameron Forbes Frozen
Cool Age Cool Guy's Romance
Crying Nut Horse Frenzy [Remaster]
Day break Bumper Car
Go Go Boys I Like You
Jackie Boyz Callin' Me
Jackie Boyz Clones
Jackie Boyz Love And Beyond
Kyven All Dressed Up
MJ&iRoK Heart Beat
Munniebear Rock Bottom (Hard)
No Brain You've Fallen For Me
Owl City Fireflies
Pair-A-Dice There's No Stoppin' Us
Rebecca Horn Hello Disaster
Rebecca Horn Life Support
Sirocco Brain On Music
Sirocco Infamous
Spicy Soda My Love
Various Artist After Love (FT Island)
Various Artist Nobody (Wonder Girls)
Various Artist Stop The Wind (Loveholic)
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Hi.... o.o
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